The Military Mutual

Giant Leaps with baby steps – using metrics to improve performance

Identify new data levers that increased the available cold audiences on top of the existing targeting model, without eroding results.

  • Business problem
    Business problem

    The Military Mutual is a young brand specifically targeted at supporting the military. In year 2 we needed to keep delivering the sales targets the year after launch – maintaining the same levels of growth despite having harvested the most likely net new responders in year 1.

  • Solution

    Keep it simple and focus on core brand messages – use data to find appropriate audiences to fit the brand. We took this approach rather than varying message by audience because we were in hardcore acquisition mode, starting from a small base rather than finding marginal gains on a big base.

  • Results

    Almost doubled response and sales in H2 to achieve brief - Average sales per month H1 2017: 643. Average sales per month H2 2017: 1.2k. Crucially, doubled the mailed volume and maintained response rates.


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