Our services

All our services are focused on one thing: increasing the effectiveness of your marketing communications.


Strategic services

Turning raw numbers into intelligence

To understand the dynamics of your customers’ behaviour across multiple touch-points and channels, we develop CRM strategies that can be applied to any stage of the customer journey – whether that be acquiring loyal customers or growing customer lifetime value.



We segment the market into clearly defined customer groups tailored to your requirements, so you can tailor products and services to the individual.

Customer profiling

Our profiling is based on solid facts – so all your decisions will revolve around accurate evidence, not guesswork.

Lifetime value

Thanks to Alliance, our prospect pool programme, we’re able to identify the likely value of your customers in the future, as well as recognising potential target audiences.

Customer planning

By linking your P&L to key trends in your customer base, our planning tools can forecast likely customer behaviour over varying time periods and the plausible impact this’ll have on your bottom line. It’ll also let you scenario plan.

Customer journey planning

By mapping out your customer journeys, we can ensure that you convey the right messages to the right customers at the right time – and that the results are measurable.

Branch Network Optimisation

Understanding the true opportunity that lies within your branch network is critical. We can help you achieve this by defining: your catchments for each branch; the factors that influence sales performance within each branch; and ways to maximise the performance of your estate.


Deployment services

Turning intelligence into action

We build multi-touch point marketing databases that deliver insights through data mining, while enabling campaign delivery by integrating with ESPs and digital marketing platforms. Then we continually evaluate the CRM and the campaign management vendor marketplace by using research (typically Forrester and Gartner’s Magic Quadrant) to identify the most suitable technology partners like Salesforce, Adobe and IBM.

If you require easy access to your data, we provide a user interface via data mining and visualisation software like Faststats or Alteryx. Then we deliver easy to interpret dashboard reporting via such tools as Tableau and Qlikview.

To speed up your campaign delivery time, we’ll also do all we can to automate data transfer whenever possible by using triggered processes, macros and APIs.

And as far as security goes, you can certainly sleep soundly. That’s because our databases are delivered via a secure (SQL) server platform, and all data and databases are secured on off-site servers with regular back-ups and business continuity plans.

We should also mention here that we are ISO27001 accredited, and that customer data is protected by restricted access environments that are only open to user groups of pre-screened individuals.


Data strategy

Between them, our Account Management and Consultancy teams have decades of experience in sourcing the best data for our clients, whether their requirements are for new, responsive sources of prospect data or lifestyle characteristics to enhance their existing customer databases.

We are skilled data brokers, working with all the leading UK data suppliers (and some niche ones where required), and will negotiate the best deals for our clients.

Our data cleansing and suppression services ensure that our clients’ campaigns benefit from the highest levels of deliverability. In fact, we’ve saved our clients millions of pounds by reducing the wastage of mailing gone-aways and deceased.

Marketing technology

We are experts in the integration of industry leading marketing technologies. To be more precise, we’ve established something of a reputation for building Single Customer View (SCV) databases comprising and combining multi-channel campaign management tools to quickly deliver cost-effective communications for our B2B and B2C clients and prospects.

Because our approach is flexible, we offer you the choice of either our Software as a Service (SaaS) or Managed Service solutions to cater for the broadest range of budgets and capabilities. Our tools also include data manipulation and analytics modules, allowing you to gain invaluable insights from your data, while enjoying the power of handling it yourself.


Optimisation services

Turning action into improvement

To help you understand the impact of your digital and offline marketing activity, we build and apply media mix models. Yours will, of course, be tailored for your industry sector.

And by applying a range of modelling techniques, we can gain an understanding of the factors that drive sales, and assess your ROI for each element within your marketing mix.

As a result, you’ll enjoy a category wide perspective on fundamental marketplace dynamics – meaning faster, more robust, cost-effective and actionable results.


A/B Testing

At Communisis Data Intelligence, we’ll do all that boring but essential legwork that’ll ensure your direct marketing campaigns don’t just look fantastic, but are highly targeted, safely executed and measurable.


When it comes to measurement, the crucial bit is the planning and development before your campaign goes live. And in this respect, you can rely on us to set up campaigns with very clear objectives and measurement yardsticks well in advance.


Propensity models

Our analytics team has a proven track record of building models which outperform our competitors. Better still, our prospect pool, Alliance, offers you a rich modelling environment to bolster your own data.

Digital analytics

We don’t settle for industry standard tools, but employ data mining to extract key nuggets that are often overlooked. And by overlaying additional data sources we can create a true picture of digital behaviour and how it’s affecting your business.

Attribution modelling

Our profiling is based on solid, factual data, so none of your decisions will be made on the basis of opinions, estimates or guesswork.


To make your marketing work as hard as possible, a robust and insightful reporting capability is vital. So we’ve created our own campaign reporting dashboard, which can be tweaked to support individual client requirements.