Navigating the data trail

Our approach

At Communisis Data Intelligence we want to help you understand how your customers and prospects interact with your brand.

But we live in a world of multiple channels, multiple locations, millions of customer engagements, billions of data points, and always-on devices.

So to do the job properly, we have to take all these data sources and combine them into a coherent picture that allows you to see how customers and prospects interact with your brand across all media channels.

By analysing this data we can then create more effective and targeted marketing, while growing customer value through an enhanced brand experience.

Every year our models, tools and processes generate millions of pounds of incremental income for our clients. And although the data we handle is complex, our approach is anything but. In fact, we’ve devised a three-step process for our clients. We call it the Data Trail.

The data trail

  • The data trail

    Step 1: from Data to Intelligence

    Facts + understanding = intelligence.

    By interrogating and modelling your customers’ behaviour we can develop the right CRM strategies, while focusing on areas that will generate the greatest returns for your business.

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  • The data trail

    Step 2: from Intelligence to Action

    A strategy achieves nothing until you apply it.

    Our teams ensure that your strategy can be brought to life swiftly and cost-effectively thanks to our secure marketing databases that integrate seamlessly with digital marketing platforms to deliver your campaigns quickly, accurately and effectively.

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  • The data trail

    Step 3: from Action to Improvement

    We always learn from our actions.

    Our focus on analytics and testing ensures that campaigns are measured effectively and that both channel and messaging can be continually optimised.

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